About Us

The company started as a sourcing agents buying heavy duty equipment and parts to ship to Nigeria. Thus, the conception of starting a logistics firm that can proffer shipping and clearing solutions to our immediate community and the world.

SMTN INT’L is a complete supply chain solution system designed to focus on the best way in meeting our clients’ express and logistics business requirements for supply chain, distribution technology and logistics service and solutions. With background in Purchasing and supply chain management and Marketing (Physical distribution & transportation), it has given us the opportunity to stretch our expertise combined together to a greater height.

Our aim and goal is to bring this company to offering total logistic, courier/cargo service support to all businesses, domestically and internationally in a world class customer friendly environment and to have physical presence in as many countries as possible. Some of the principles laid down for success to be achieved includes optimal customer service, openness and fairness. SMTN INT’L is committed to serving you better.